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SAKEsplaining Sake Tasting with Toji Miho Fujita of Yuho Sake, Japan - May 30th

Product image 1ehythm of the Centuries and Eternal Ember Yuho Junmai sake
Product image 2eternal Ember Yuho Junmai sake
Product image 3Rhythm of the Centuries Yuho Junmai sake

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Sake-splaining sake tasting event


Saturday, May 30th
4pm via Zoom.

Vinovore presents “SAKEsplaining” with Coly Den Haan, owner of Vinovore, and special guest host Zwann Grays from Brooklyn’s Olmsted, preaching about sake! 

Get a unique inside perspective from a restaurant Sommelier and learn what the Toji has to say about her process. Chat, drink and get educated with us virtually. We may be separate but we are not alone! 

Saturday, May 30th Zwann will be speaking with Toji Miho Fujita from Yuho Sake in Japan, with acclaimed Sake Professional Monica Samuels Translating.


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3. If you’re in a position to, you may make a donation to our out of work restaurant Sommelier host, directly to them, via Venmo. @Zwann-Grays suggested $5 donation for the event but anything is greatly appreciated! This info will be provided during the tasting as well.


About Miho: 

Miho Fujita was born and raised in Tokyo, and was a successful career woman managing the promotion and sales of Mattel “Hot Wheels” toy cars.  Around the early 1990s, many small sake breweries in japan were going out of business due to premium sake being more heavily distributed throughout Japan.  At this time, Miho’s father, who is originally from Ishikawa, purchased a small brewery on the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa, almost like a nostalgic afterthought.  He initially had his brother run the brewery, but his brother fell ill and eventually Miho was tapped to move to Ishikawa and take over.  Miho was pretty floored – she’s not from Ishikawa, she knew nothing about sake, and perhaps most importantly she was a woman, and had very little chances of being taken seriously in this world.  However, she found that scenario almost liberating, like she wasn’t EXPECTED to succeed, or to make a particular style that upheld her family’s legacy.  So she decided to just make sake for her own personal enjoyment, without really caring what other brewers or picky consumers thought.  She met Yokomichi-san, her toji, around then.  Yokomichi-san used to be the toji at Daimon Shuzo and at that time was actually Philip Harper’s boss, and the two of them shared the same brewing style – so lots of funk, acid, umami, and soulfulness.  They were having so much fun making sake and drinking their sake at night with pork and cheese, their favorite foods.  It became a little saying between them that their sakes were made for pork and cheese, but really, any fattier or richly flavored foods.  They had sake in bottle and were running out of storage space, but couldn’t come up with the right name for this unapologetically unconventional, playful brand they had created.  Finally, Yokomichi-san was exasperated and said look, everyone comes to Noto Peninsula hoping to see a UFO (it’s very famous for UFO sightings).  We always talk about “happy rice” (the kanji on the bottle is pronounced Yuho, which refers to the umami-rich Noto Hikari rice they use); why don’t we have some fun with that concept and call our sake Yuho?  (We don’t really have the F sound in Japanese, it’s softer, so UFO sounds kind of like Yuho).  They always say that if you drink enough Yuho, you’ll see one…

Miho loves sour beers, high acid white wines, paddle ball (pretty much any game you play in a bar actually), jenga, drinking on the beach, and KOREAN POP MUSIC.
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